3/2mm Body Glove Vector Full Wetsuit

  • 3/2mm Body Glove Vector Full Wetsuit - 9140-OAA
  • 3/2mm Body Glove Vector Full Wetsuit - 9140-OAA
  • 3/2mm Body Glove Vector Full Wetsuit - 9140-OAA
  • 3/2mm Body Glove Vector Full Wetsuit - 9140-OAA
Item# 9140-OAA
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    Neoprene Stretch:
    Temperature: 62°F & Up
    Activities: Surf,Dive,Multi
    Seam Type:
    Glued & Blind Stitched

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    3/2mm Body Glove Men's Vector Full Wetsuit
    This men's 3/2mm wetsuit offers additional stretch throughout the upper torso, perfect for sports which require additional upper body maneuverability. The Body Glove 3/2mm Vector reinforces the seam construction with triple glue, blind stitching and tape! What does this mean to you? A warmer wetsuit because the water can't penetrate the seams. Additionally, when you have stretchier neoprene wetsuit, you don't get tired as quickly--so there is more time to play! This model is absolutely gorgeous!

    Additional Features

    Magna Flex Neoprene (Blue) Highest Performance Stretch Neoprene. 10% lighter than standard neoprene, Magna Flex Neoprene takes on less water while providing maximum stretch and performance. Quadra Flex Neoprene (Orange) 4-Way Stretch offering exceptional maneuverability, comfort, and durability. S-Flex Technology, Seam Taping that provides a better seal with guaranteed warmth and durability Superflex Stretch knee pads, exclusive stretch kneepad that provides great performance and durability Anatomically Cut Quick drying chest panel Back Zip with Leash (pull cord) Short Zip back Entry, 25% less shorter than the standard, allow more flexibility Hidden key pocket BODY GLOVE WARRANTY 1 Year Full Warranty
    Body Glove Size Chart Mens

    Body Glove Men's Wetsuit Size Chart

    *Not all suits are made in all sizes. Chest and height are key considerations in size.

    Men's (US) Height Weight Chest
    S 5'6"-5'8" 130-150  36-38  29-31
    MS 5'7"-5'9" 145-165  38-40  30-32
    M 5'8"-5'11" 150-165  38-40  30-32
    MT 6'0"-6'3" 155-175  38-40  30-32
    ML 5'10"-6'1" 180-200  39-41  31-33
    LS 5'8"-5'11" 175-195  40-42  32-34
    L 5'11"-6'2" 185-205  40-42  32-34
    LT 6'1"-6'4" 190-210  40-42  32-34
    XLS 5'9"-6'0" 190-210  42-44  34-36
    XL 6'0"-6'3" 195-215  42-44  34-36
    XXL 6'0"-6'4" 215-235  42-44  36-38
    3XL 6'0"-6'4" 230-250  42-44 38-40