Billabong Foil 302 Mens Chest Zip 3/2mm GBS Full Wetsuit - Black

  • Billabong Foil 302 Mens Chest Zip 3/2mm GBS Full Wetsuit - Black - MWFUVFC3-BLK
  • Billabong Foil 302 Mens Chest Zip 3/2mm GBS Full Wetsuit - Black - MWFUVFC3-BLK
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Retail: $169.50
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    Neoprene Stretch:
    Temperature: 62°F & Up
    Activities: Surf,Dive,Multi
    Seam Type:
    Glued & Blind Stitched
    Sizes in Stock:

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    Best Price Guarantee
    Best Price Guarantee
    Billabong Foil 302 Men's 3/2mm Chest Zip Wetsuit GBS
    Introducing the New Billabong Foil 3/2 mm chest zip wetsuit, it is constructed of the NEW AX2 Airlite Superflex 2 Neoprene, a NEW light-weight, super soft and flexible neoprene that is economical! Now with a horizontal dislocating chest zip that makes it easier to get on and off and is water tight! Your Billabong Foil GBS (Glued and Blind Stitched) has Sealed seams, all seams are glued and blind stitched with stress pint reinforcement on all internal seams and welded junction points. The NEW Foil series has a new contour collar, a contoured collar edge for unparalleled comfort and a water tight seal! Check out the Strategic Seam Placement on the new Foil series, particular attention was paid to the positioning and form of all seams and panels to maximize its comfort and performance without sacrificing fit! Finally, the Pre-bent anatomic paneling within the design of this wetsuit boasts the fit and shaping of this high performance wetsuit! The Billabong Foil is durable, light weight, and a great wetsuit for surfing, diving, and other water sports that require a sealed seamed wetsuit for additional warmth and flexibility for performance! The Billabong Foil for men is one of the most feature packed wetsuits on the market that is both affordable and durable! A great wetsuit for surfing, diving, kiteboarding and more! Enjoy the comfort of this anatomically cut wetsuit with a back zip entry system! The Billabong Foil for men is both affordable and durable!

    Additional Features

    AX2 Airlite Superflex Neoprene Strategic seam and panel placement Moulded supratex knee pads Horizontal Dislocating Chest Zip - easy on/off and water tight Contour collar Pre tensioned wrist cuffs Internal welded stress point reinforcement

    Billabong Men's Wetsuit Size Chart

    *Not all suits are made in all sizes. Chest and height are key considerations in size.

    XS 5'7-5'9 125-140 34.5-36.5 28-30
    S 5'8-5'10 135-155 36.5-38.5 29-31
    MS 5'7-5'9 140-160 38.5-40.5 30.5-32.5
    M 5'9-5'11 150-170 38.5-40.5 30.5-32.5
    MT 5'11-6'2 160-180 38.5-40.5 30.5-32.5
    LS 5'8-5'10 160-180 40.5-42.5 32.5-34.5
    L 5'10-6'0 170-190 40.5-42.5 32.5-34.5
    LT 6'1-6'3 180-200 40.5-42.5 32.5-34.5
    XLS 5'9-5'11 180-200 42.5-44.5 34.5-36.5
    XL 5'11-6'1 190-210 42.5-44.5 34.5-36.5
    XXL 6'0-6'3 210-230 44.5-46.5 36.5-38.5