Women's Blue Seventy Fusion Fullsuit Triathlon Wetsuit

  • Women's Blue Seventy Fusion Fullsuit Triathlon Wetsuit - 12WFSF01-W
  • Women's Blue Seventy Fusion Fullsuit Triathlon Wetsuit - 12WFSF01-W
Item# 12WFSF01-W
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    Neoprene Stretch:
    Temperature: 50°F & Up
    Activities: Triathlon,Swim
    Seam Type:
    Glued & Stitched

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    Women's Blue Seventy Fusion Fullsuit Triathlon Wetsuit - NEW!
    It's unique buoyancy profile, with thicker leg panels helping to elevate the legs, 1.5mm A - Flex arms and soft Yamamoto neoprene, the fusion offers a perfect blend of price and performance. The Fusion suit is designed to offer the best blend of flexibility, durability, and comfort offering a high degree of perceived value for any price conscious customer.
    BUOYANCY The Fusion tiers buoyancy 3-4-4 with less overall buoyancy than the Reaction and Helix suits, but the ratio of buoyancy between the lower body and upper torso creates an optimal body position.
    CHEST: Yamamoto SCS 3mm Neoprene 3 mm chest panel, offers excellent chest buoyancy, as well as comfort.
    TORSO & LEGS: 4mm Yamamoto panels in the hips and legs focuses buoyancy in this area lifting the lower half of the body up and into alignment with the chest and head. This improvement in body position creates less drag by improving body position improving speed, and conserving energy.
    FLEXIBILTY: Our FLEX Orange Jersey highlights in the 1.5mm arms, and underarm gussets maximizes the performance of the suits arms, creating superb flexibility.

    Additional Features

    LOWERED COLLAR: Our curved closure flap reduced rear collar height improving comfort and reducing chaffing QUICK EXIT LEGS PANEL: 2mm A- FLEX material located in a quick exit panel at the back of the leg improves transition times. A- GRIP PANELS: A textured forearm print onto our high stretch jersey allows the swimmer extra feel for the water and additional grip in the propulsion phase of the stroke.
    Blue Seventy Womens Size Chart

    Blue Seventy Women's Size Chart

    Size Height Weight
    WXS 4'8-5'1 98-112
    WS 4'10-5'3 108-121
    WMS 5'0-5'5 117-132
    WM 5'3-5'9 125-141
    WML 5'6-5'11 139-154
    WL 5'6-6'0 139-174
    WLA 5'6-6'0 160 + lbs