Body Glove 5mm EX3 Men's Free Dive Camo Wetsuit- NEW Blue Camo!

  • Body Glove 5mm EX3 Men's Free Dive Camo Wetsuit- NEW Blue Camo! - 13148-BLCAMO
  • Body Glove 5mm EX3 Men's Free Dive Camo Wetsuit- NEW Blue Camo! - 13148-BLCAMO
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    Body Glove 5mm EX3 Men's Free Dive Camo Wetsuit
    The Body Glove Camouflage wetsuit is a top rated spearfishing and free diving wetsuit! This suit was just released in the all new blue camo color that is sure to be a hit! It has a build in loading chest pad that is 5mm thick and it is made of some of the most innovative neoprene's in the world. The side body of this camo wetsuit is made of a super stretch neoprene called Magnaflex. The combination of the choice of super stretch neoprene and the placement of these materials in key areas is just one reason this wetsuit stands above the rest. The Magnaflex is used in the shoulders, under arms, mid back and even behind the knees. This design maximizes your flexibility and extends the life of the wetsuit by reducing stress in high impact areas with innovative cuts and materials. There are great accessories for this wetsuit - matching hood in 6.5mm or 3mm thickness and gloves!

    Additional Features

    Vaporlock seams - triple glued & blinstitched Superstretch neoprene in critical areas Thermolite heat insulation on chest and back Glideskin neck Superflex knee pads Short zip back entry Inerior key pocket Adjustable velcro neck Ultra Tatex chest plate with 5mm compression pad Anatomical fit
    Body Glove Men's Wetsuit Size Chart

    *Not all suits are made in all sizes. Chest and height are key considerations in size.

    Men's (US) Height Weight Chest
    XS 5′4″–5′6″ 110–130 34–36 28–30
    SM 5′6″–5′8″ 130–150 36–38 29–31
    MS* 5′7″–5′9″ 145–165 38–40 30–32
    M 5′8″–5′10″ 150–170 38–40 30–32
    MT* 5′10″–6′1″ 155–175 38–40 30–32
    ML 5′9″–5′11″ 170–190 39–41 31–33
    LS* 5′9″–5′11″ 175–195 40–42 32–34
    L 5′10″–6′0″ 180–200 40–42 32–34
    LT* 6′0″–6′3″ 185–205 40–42 32–34
    XLS* 5′11″–6′1″ 195–215 42–44 34–36
    XL 6′0″–6′2″ 200–220 42–44 34–36
    XLT* 6′2″–6′4″ 205–225 42–44 34–36
    XXL / 2XL 6′1″–6′4″ 220–235 44–46 36–38
    XXXL / 3XL 6′1″–6′4″ 230–250 46–48 38–40
    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Easy breezy

    My wetsuit was in hand a few days after I ordered it, it was also in perfect condition. Thanks guys!

    CALIFORNIA Dreaming

    Thermal protection is very good on this suit. Down three atmos and some additional but very little. I bought the hood and it works like a charm, no leaks, seals solid. I wore the body glove 6 or 7mm boot not sure which ones, got them on your site. Those were exceptional, better than my older boots. Buoyancy was pretty neutral, loading pad suitable for what I was doing. Good creep factor, I could creep up on things without warning to them. I have recommended the suit to friends, we look like a school in the water. Nice job with this digi pattern. I appreciate the deal, love your low price guarantee. You all rock.

    Neoprene Stretch:
    Temperature: 50°F & Up
    Activities: Dive, Snorkel
    Seam Type:
    Glued & Blind Stitched
    Sizes in Stock:

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