Body Glove EX3 Men's 7mm Wetsuit Video Description

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    Body Glove EX3 Men's 7mm Wetsuit (SALE!)
    This men's 7mm scuba diving full length wetsuit is made with the ultimate neoprene, Magna Flex Neoprene. Body Glove's EX3 wetsuit boast Magana Flex neoprene, it is Body Glove's highest performance stretch neoprene. Magna Flex 10% lighter than standard neoprene, Magna Flex Neoprene takes on less water while providing maximum stretch and performance. The Body Glove EX3 wetsuit has Thermolite chest panels, a heat insulating interior that reflects more body heat than standard interior laminates. It also has Vaporlock seams (Triple Glued, Blind Stitched, and Spot Taping!) GET YOURS TODAY! It is a best seller!

    Additional Features

    Vaporlock seams (Tripple Glued, Blind Stiched, and Spot Taping) Thermolite chest & back panel, heat insulating interior that reflects more body heat than standard interior laminates Anatomically Cut Extended Superflex kneepads, a Body Glove exclusive stretch kneepad that provides great performance and durability Short Zip back Entry, 25% less shorter than the standard, allow more flexibility Glideskin collar interior Interior Key Pocket Adjustable Velcro Collar FULL 1 YEAR BODY GLOVE WARRANTY
    Body Glove Men's Wetsuit Size Chart

    *Not all suits are made in all sizes. Chest and height are key considerations in size.

    Men's (US) Height Weight Chest
    XS 5′4″–5′6″ 110–130 34–36 28–30
    SM 5′6″–5′8″ 130–150 36–38 29–31
    MS* 5′7″–5′9″ 145–165 38–40 30–32
    M 5′8″–5′10″ 150–170 38–40 30–32
    MT* 5′10″–6′1″ 155–175 38–40 30–32
    ML 5′9″–5′11″ 170–190 39–41 31–33
    LS* 5′9″–5′11″ 175–195 40–42 32–34
    L 5′10″–6′0″ 180–200 40–42 32–34
    LT* 6′0″–6′3″ 185–205 40–42 32–34
    XLS* 5′11″–6′1″ 195–215 42–44 34–36
    XL 6′0″–6′2″ 200–220 42–44 34–36
    XLT* 6′2″–6′4″ 205–225 42–44 34–36
    XXL / 2XL 6′1″–6′4″ 220–235 44–46 36–38
    XXXL / 3XL 6′1″–6′4″ 230–250 46–48 38–40
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Body Glove wetsuit purchase

    I received my order quickly and in perfect order. Wearing the wetsuit while body surfing off the coast of Washington state, I was warm the whole time and extremely pleased with the quality, fit, and comfort of the suit. I would absolutely recommend Pleasure sports to anyone looking for a high quality wetsuit.

    Neoprene Stretch:
    Temperature: 40°F & Up
    Activities: Diving
    Seam Type:
    Glued & Blind Stitched
    Sizes in Stock:

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