H2Odyssey Glacier 3 Dive Mask

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    H2Odyssey Glacier 3 Dive Mask
    Versatile Fit: The Onyx and Glacier Mask is outfitted with a silicone skirt attached to the rear section of the mask. The material conveniently conforms to the facial contours of the wearer; thus allowing for a versatile fit across different facial profiles. The nose pocket is also constructed from a comfortable material that eases and protects the nose in the entire course of the dive. The scuba gear is even designed in such a way that prevents the lenses from fogging. And if said features are not enough, the mask also allows for easy purging.

    Comfortable and Convenient: Given its frameless design,the scuba mask is built lightweight and low volume that makes it primed for easy donning. Why, you wont even notice that you've got it strapped across your face. Now that would feel like viewing the underwaters naturally. Unlike a rubber-skirted scuba mask, the silicone skirt of the Onyx and Glacier Mask is hypoallergenic. A material such as this also guarantees a lengthy serviceable life. Give it 10 years and with proper cleaning and storing techniques, your scuba gear will always sport a new look.

    Excellent Peripheral Vision: The Onyx and Glacier Mask is a 3-pane lens type of scuba mask that features a single front lens with left and right side lenses. The single front lens maximizes vision from side to side, allowing you to enjoy a wider angle of vision when exploring the depths. This scuba gear was definitely invented to enhance your underwater experience Your search for a full-featured and efficient scuba mask likely ends with the no-nonsense construction of the H2Odyssey Onyx and Glacier Mask Designed with the elements of comfort and convenience that emanates from its 3-pane lenses and silicone skirt while providing excellent underwater vision; makes this scuba mask truly a winner.

    Additional Features

    3 Windows allowing for excellent peripheral vision Frameless 3 window mask Excellent peripheral vision Low volume
    Activities: Diving, Snorkeling
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