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Henderson Camo Skin Rashguard Long Sleeve Spearfishing Combo Package

Henderson Camo Skin Rashguard Long Sleeve Spearfishing Combo Package
Henderson Camo Skin Rashguard Long Sleeve Spearfishing Combo Package
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Activities: Diving, Spearfishing, Photography
Seams: Flatlock
Length: Long Sleeve
Extra: Spearfishing Combo Package!
Material Details

Rashguard Size: 
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Spear Gun: 
Cressi Sub SL Star 55 Speargun Pneumatic
Mares Tana Free Dive Mask - Green
Mares Dual Free Diving Snorkel - Green
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Product Description

Spearfishing Camo Skin Rashguard Combo Package!
Save over $100 dollars on this top rated spearfishing package! Included is a top of the line Cressi Spearfishing Gun (the Cressi Sub SL Star 55 Speargun Pneumatic), a Henderson Long Sleeve Camo Rashguard, and a Mares top of the line spearfishing mask and snorkel! You get to Choose from a Green or Blue masks and a Green or a Black snorkel.

What is included in your package:
Spearfishing GunCressi Sub SL Star 55 Pneumatic Speargun The SL Star range of pneumatic spear guns has been in production for many years now, and they have won worldwide fame for their excellence in terms of robustness, reliability, precision and powerful shooting. The Cressi Sub SL Star is 55cm / 24in in length. Includes:Spear Gun, Shaft/spearpoint, Shaft loader, and Line.
The SL Star spear guns come with an 8 mm threaded steel shaft. Continually updated over the years, the SL Star spear guns are ultra light, easy to use, and fire quickly. Comes with anatomical high grip butts enabling the gun to be held in line with the arm with no extra effort. The bright yellow butt assist you in locating the gun even if it ends up on the sea-bottom after shooting. A strong line hook is situated on the bottom of the butt for shaft loading. The guns are fitted with a safety catch and, when the trigger is pulled, it frees the line releasing device. A best seller!

Henderson Camouflage Rashguard
The Henderson Camo Rashguard is made of of Henderson's 17-ounce Polyolefin Lycra. The material is ultra durable and is woven from a solid fiber that dries quickly is resistant to bacteria growth, sunlight & chlorine. The sheer versatility of Hot Skins® Rashguard has made them a staple for all types of ocean lovers, especially free divers and snorkelers.
Made either from premium grade Lycra, they help shield the skin from abrasion, UV rays and biological irritants. Lycra® Hot Skins® are sewn from material prized for its stretch and strength. A non-chaffing flatlock stitching is used for T-shirt and short style garments. Combined with attractive styling, Hot Skins® look great, allow for nearly total freedom of movement and stand up to the rigors of an active lifestyle. This rashguard is not dyed, will never fade and are impervious to the bleaching effects of chlorine and sunlight.

Mares Tana Free Dive Mask The skirt is made of very soft hypoallergenic liquid silicone, and its highly ergonomic shape makes it suitable for any shape of face. The reduced distance between the eyes and the lens guarantees excellent field of vision while keeping internal volume low. The system of pockets around the nose makes the skirt more flexible and makes equalizing easier. “Soft- Touch” inserts on the frame make it easier to reposition the mask.

Mares Pure Instinct Dual Snorkel Thanks to the collaboration with a leading Italian orthodontia study, Mares created the best hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece characterized by unparalleled easy breathing and especially well-suited to prolonged use. Diameters and lengths are optimized, avoiding any air turbulence and making clearing easier. Anatomic and hydrodynamic shape: the D-section tube eliminates discomfort in the area that touches the temple. In the Dual version, the tube is made in two materials with two different softness levels to decrease vibrations and noise when moving about during the dive, increasing comfort without causing interruptions in air flow.

Additional Features

  • Lycra® material
  • Overlock seams
  • Available sizes: M-XXL

Size Chart

MEN’S Henderson Size Chart
CHEST 34″-36″ 36″-38″ 38″-40″ 40″-42″ 42″-44″ 46″-48″
WAIST 29″-31″ 31″-33″ 33″-35″ 35″-37″ 37″-39″ 41″-44″
WEIGHT 125-135 135-150 150-170 170-190 190-210 230-250
HEIGHT 5’5″-5”7″ 5’7″-5’9″ 5’9″-5’11″ 5’10″-6′ 5’11″-6’1″ 6’1″-6’3″