Cressi Palau (LAF) Snorkeling Package - Blue

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    Cressi Palau (LAF) Snorkeling Package, Blue Palau Fins
    What a deal! Perfect for diving or Snorkeling!
    Strap-on snorkeling fins: The soft and flexible material of the blade offers a fluid and undemanding kick. The special shape of the foot pocket allows the fin to be put on quickly and easily. Long adjustable fin.
    Onda Mask:
    Onda is a new single lens mask. The frame is made from soft, hypo-allergenic silicon. The inside has a seal ring for a comfortable fit and this guarantees that it is perfectly watertight. The frame is made in two different colored parts, assembled in the factory and they give it an elegant and modern appearance. The strap buckles are instantly adjustable but not rotating. The skirt is made only from clear hypo-allergenic silicon. Onda is multi-functional mask: snorkeling, exploration, light skin-diving, scuba diving. Dry Snorkel:The Dry snorkel allows users to take each breath with confidence, so that they can focus on the reef below! A float-activated valve instantly seals off the breathing tube if submerged while swimming or from over-head waves. A generous bore provides ample airflow and a lower purge valve enables instant clearing when needed.

    Additional Features

    Includes:Cressi Onda Mask Cressi Dry Snorkel Cressi Palau (LAF) Fin Cressi Palau Bag
    Activities: Dive, Snorkel
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