Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2mm Men's Wetsuit GBS

  • Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2mm Men's Wetsuit GBS - WSMODM-BBW
  • Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2mm Men's Wetsuit GBS - WSMODM-BBW
Price: $114.00
Retail: $139.95
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    Neoprene Stretch:
    Temperature: 62°F & Up
    Activities: Multi-Sport
    Seam Type:
    Glued & Blind Stitched
    Extra: Warm Comfortable Fireskin lining!
    Sizes in Stock:

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    Best Price Guarantee
    Best Price Guarantee
    Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2mm Men's Wetsuit GBS Glued Blindstitched! Video Description
    The all new Dawn Patrol has more features than ever at an amazing pricepoint. This suit includes 50% E3 and 50% Ultralight, Fireskin chest panel, Super Soft Collar, Bluesteel zip, and a completely new design. This suit is without a doubt the premium suit at its price. The GBS (glued and blindstitched) Rip Curl Back Zip Dawn Patrol wetsuit is triple glued, double stitched seam (only penetrates one side of the neoprene) allowing a high stretch, durable, and a sealed seam! A fantastic multi sport wetsuit at a great value! Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Video Description

    Additional Features

    Elastomax 3 Ultralite S-flex Knees Seamless Underarms & Shoulders Blue Steel Zip Stash Pocket Glued and Blindstiched Seams. Triple glued and double stitched seams only penetrate one side of the neoprne allowing for maximum flexibility and minimal water entry. Stress Point Taped Reinforcement! Tape is applied to the key stress points within the inside of the wetsuit to increase durability! Elastomax 3 Neoprene: The third generation of Elastomax super stretch neoprene! Now Lighter, Warmer, & Stretchier! Ultralite Neoprene: Durable, warm, and very soft! Fireskin Lining: Now thinner and lighter! Blue Steel Zipper: A new and improved, water resistant, steel head zipper that was engineered with overlapping teeth and a urethane coating. Stitchless underarms: For unrestricted flexiblity and maximum range of motion! S-FLEX KNEES: Flexible and durable knee pads that allow maximum range of motion. STASH POCKET: EXTERNAL ZIP POCKET WITH KEY LOOP.
    Rip Curl Men's Wetsuit Size Chart

    Rip Curl Men's Wetsuit Size Chart

    *Not all suits are made in all sizes. Chest and height are key considerations in size.

    XXXL 6'3" 230-250 46 40 23.25 32
    XXL 6'3" 210-230 44 38 22.75 31
    XL 6'1" 190-210 42 36 22.25 30
    XLS 6'0" 190-210 42 36 21.75 29
    LT 6'1" 170-190 40 34 22.25 30
    L 6'0" 170-190 40 34 21.75 29
    LS 5'10" 170-190 40 34 21 27.5
    MT 6'0" 155-175 38 32 21.75 29
    M 5'10" 150-170 38 32 21 27.5
    MS 5'8" 150-170 38 32 20.25 26.5
    S 5'8" 135-155 36 30 20.25 26.5
    XS 5'6" 120-140 35 29 19.5 25.5