Women's .5mm - 1mm Scuba diving wetsuits are excellent stand alone and as a base layer for a thicket wetsuit. These suits are made of thinner neoprene and are great pieces to have to take the chill out of the water.Need help choosing the right gear, see our Buyers Guide or chat with one of our wetsuit experts online or by phone. Free Shipping at

2mm Womens Body Glove Stellar Long Sleeve Boy Cut Back Zip Springsuit / Shorty
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Temp: 56F & Up

The Body Glove Stellar Women's Wetsuit is constructed from 100% Magnaflex throughout. A material that's 10% lighter than standard neoprene, Magnaflex takes on less water while providing maximum stretch and maneuverability. The suit has been sewn with a two-thread stitch that automatically ties itself off if the stitch is broken.

1mm Womens NeoSport Neoprene Wetsuit / Fullsuit -
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Temp: 68F & Up

The same qualities that make neoprene a great wetsuit material also make it a great choice for thinner skin style garments. At just 1mm thick, this full length jumpsuit gives divers the stretch and comfort of a quality neoprene along with its natural insulating ability. Available in physique enhancing cuts for both men and women, it has a back-zip for easy self-donning. Excellent as a warm water garment, the Neo Skin is also well suited to layering under thicker suits.

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