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3mm Women's GlideSoul Back Zip Wetsuit / Fullsuit - Black/Orange

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Price: $180.90
MSRP: Retail: $201.00 10.0% OFF
Temperature: 68F & Up
Activities: Surf, Multi, Swim, SUP / Paddle, Wind Sports, Wake Boarding
GlideSoul 3mm Full Wetsuit Back Zip Women's Black/Orange
The GlideSoul'signature Collection was created for women who enjoy active lifestyle. Our women?s 3mm full suits are crafted from the high quality neoprene. They shape and support you body to create a flawless silhouette. Our fullsuits offer the unparalleled body confidence irrespective of the activity you are engaged into.

Additional Features

GlideSoul's Signature Collection was inspired by the Vibrant 80s Neon Colors Feel the freedom of your movement: High quality S-FOAM neoprene: Softer, more stretchier than L-Foam and easier to put on and take off GlueBlindtitched. It is called Blind because needle never penetrates the neoprene completely. As a results there are no wholes. The GBS seam glues two pieces of neoprene together and then stitches over the top. This technology helps to keep your body comfortable and warm in the cold water. SUPRATEX technology: special knee reinforcement panels Ideal full suit for any sport activity in the cold water

GlideSoul Wetsuit Size Chart

*When looking at the size chart, please keep in mind that these suits are sized based on Europen sizing. They run at least one size small. Please call us at 866-573-0702 so we can help you select the correct size.

Women's (US) Height Weight Chest Waist Hips
XXS 5'2"-5'5" 105-120 31-33.5 23.5-26 32-34
XS 5'5"-5'7" 110-130 33-35 25-27 33.5-36
S 5'6"-5'9" 120-140 34-36.5 26-28 35-38
M 5'7"-5'10" 130-150 35-38 27-30 36.5-40
L 5'8"-5'11" 140-160 37.5-39.5 29.5-32.5 39-42.5
XL 5'9"-5'11" 156-176 39-41 31-34.5 41-43.5

Sizing Experts are Standing By
Call Us @ 866-573-0702

Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

GlideSoul Womens Wetsuit 3mm - PURE JOY

My new suit came in and OMG! The suit is SO MUCH COOLER IN PERSON! I am buying the shorty next week!! I am so warm and this suit makes heads turn! Honestly, I almost don't want anyone to know but I can't help myself. I am so very satisfied with my wetsuit - I did not have to struggle to get in. Ember helped me with my sizing and she is so incredibly patient and good at sizing. I would highly recommend this suit.

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