Our selection of men's full length wetsuits feature suits for surfing, scuba diving, swimming, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, SUP, water skiing, and more. Choose from 3/2 fullsuits, 4/3mm, 5/4mm, 5mm, 7mm and Hooded wetsuits. Check out top brands: Quiksilver, Hyperflex, O'Neill, Henderson, Akona, NeoSport, Greenprene, H2Odyssey & more. Watch our fullsuit wetsuit reviews. Narrow your search by sorting by size, thickness, sports, & style. We feature men's big and tall full wetsuits in sizes MT, LT, XLT, XXLT, 4XL, 5XL, & 6XL.


Men's Full Wetsuit Features and Fit

Full wetsuits are defined by having full length arms and legs. There are a range of styles for a surfing, scuba diving, swimming, kayaking, and more. Full wetsuits work by providing you warmth by warming up a thin layer of water between your body and the neoprene. This is why it is important that your wetsuit fit you correctly. If you wear a wetsuit that is too big, your body has to work very hard to keep up with the water flushing through your wetsuit. If you need additional warmth you can wear a wetsuit accessory with your full suit. Accessories come in neoprene boots, neoprene hoods & gloves.

Men's Full Wetsuit Temprature Guide

Everyone has a different tolerance to cold water. It is important to learn what your personal tolerance is. Temperature guides are not set in stone, they are designed to give you a general idea of what temperatures you might be able ot wear the suit in.
- 1mm - 2mm Men's full wetsuits, 73° F and warmer
- 3mm & 3/2mm Men's full wetsuits, 62° F and warmer
- 4mm & 4/3mm Men's full wetsuits, 52° F and warmer
- 5mm & 5/4/3mm Men's full wetsuits, 46° F and warmer
- 6/5/4mm & 7mm Men's full wetsuits, 36° F and warmer

Full Wetsuit Styles

There are a variety of wetsuits styles to choose from and in a variety of thicknesses. One piece full wetsuits come in a variety of thicknesses and if a wetsuit has a number like 3/2mm it stands for 3mm thick neoprene in the core back body and legs and the 2mm is typically in the arms and shoulders. There are also full two piece wetsuits that over lap each other. They are made up of an under wetsuit called a long john and worn with a neoprene jacket. Where the two suits overlap there is double the thickness. A 3mm jacket and a 3mm long john over lap and create a 6/3mm wetsuit.

Men's Full Wetsuit Entry Systems

Finding the right full wetsuit entry system that is right for you. The most common full suit entry system is the back zip wetsuit. Back zip wetsuits are easy to get into and take off because the zippers are a good length. Chest zip wetsuits have zippers that run horizontally high across the chest. These entry systems allow for more stretch along the lumbar spine and they have smaller zippers that reduce water entering the suit. Front zip wetsuits are different from chest zip because the zipper runs vertically on the suit. Front zip wetsuits are popular on two piece wetsuits, the wetsuit jacket has a zipper that runs right down the front of it. Once you are in your long john you step into your wetsuit jacket and zip it right up. It is fast and easy.

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