We specialize in plus size wetsuits for women and big & tall wetsuits for men. These high performance wetsuits are worn by swimmers, divers, surfers, kayakers, snorkelers, paddle boarders and more! We are proud to feature the top rated plus size wetsuits in the industry. Our plus size suits come in full length and shorty springsuit styles. Choose from shorty wetsuits that have front and back zip options. We also carry plus size skins, neoprene jackets, pants, vests and more. We are experts at sizing wetsuits so call, chat, or contact us anytime.

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Plus Size Wetsuits for Women - Big and Tall Wetsuits for Men

How to determine your Plus Size wetsuit?

Your clothing size does not reflect your wetsuit size. Wetsuits are skin tight and each company has a completely different size chart for their wetsuits. The first thing you want to do is take a look at the manufacturer's plus size chart for the wetsuit that you are interested in. In the Henderson Plus Size size chart you will need your measurements for your bust, waist, and hips. Your wetsuit should fit comfortably and snug. You should be able to breath freely and move your arms and legs. Wetsuits work by allowing a small amount of water inside the suit that your body heats up. If your wetsuit is too large it will allow too much water to flush in and out of your suit and your body will not be able to warm it up.

Where can I wear my Plus Size wetsuit?

We hear from our customers everyday and they share all the activities they participate in. So, what activities can you do in your plus size wetsuit? Diving, recreational swimming, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding (SUP), wakeboarding and just hanging out in the pool, to name a few. The different thicknesses are worn depending on the water temperature and activity. Cold water divers often wear the 5 and 7mm wetsuits. Men and women swimming typically wear the 3 and 5mm wetsuits. If you are in cool waters but not too cold, the springsuit in a 3mm may be just what you are looking for. If you decide to wear your wetsuit in the swimming pool make sure to rinse it in fresh water so that the chlorine does not break down your wetsuit.

How to measure myself for my plus size wetsuit?

If you don't have a tailors flexible measuring tape, don't worry. You can to get your measurements by using a piece of string and wrap it around your body and then lay the string flat on a tape measure to get your measurements. Anything you can wrap around your body like a belt, string, etc. is great to use and then lay it on a measuring tape.

Big & Tall, Plus size wetsuits & pricing.

There are very few wetsuits that carry true plus sizes. Wetsuits have become more stretchy over the years. Wetsuits that have more stretch typically cost more because the materials to make them more stretchy cost more. Wetsuits with more stretch are much easier to put on and take off. Wetsuits that are in the plus-size range cost more for manufacturers to produce, package, and ship. Tips for putting on your wetsuit. All body types can use these tips for putting on your wetsuit. First, plastic bags on your feet and hands can help reduce friction getting your suit on. Putting a hair conditioner on the bags or on your skin can also reduce friction and increase glide. Make sure to pull up your wetsuit above your ankles so that you have enough material to get up in your groin area. When you take your time and make sure your pants feel snug up around your waist you not leave extra material in the legs and this give you a more precise fit in the chest and neck. When wetsuits feel tight in the neck and shoulders, often the issue is because the wetsuit is nut up the legs enough and there is material left in the legs.

Is the size chart true to size?

This particular tends to run a full size too large. In some cases it runs a size and a half too large. So we recommend going a full size down on the size chart. Additionally, If you fall between two sizes in a wetsuit we recommend that you go down a size in the Henderson Thermoprene Pro. The reason we recommend going for the smaller size is because wetsuits that are too large tend not keep you warm because too much water is flushing through the wetsuit.

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