Warm water 1mm & 2mm wetsuits are often all you need to kill the chill in the cooler waters. Full wetsuits not only keep you warm, they protect us from harmful UV rays, fire coral, sea lice, jellies, and hazardous sea life. Warm water full suits are often rated for warmer waters such as 69° Fahrenheit and warmer. If you need a more warmth with your wetsuit consider protecting your extremities with wetsuit boots, hoods, and gloves. If you need additional warmth you can layer a neoprene vest over your wetsuit. Learn more about these suits at the bottom of the page.

Full Men's 1mm & 2mm Wetsuits

Warm water full length wetsuits can be used for all kinds of water sports such as swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, warm water diving, stand up paddleboarding, mudder sports and more. Wetsuits that are full length provide full coverage to your body providing protection from harmful UV rays and sea life. Thinner wetsuits typically have flatlock stitching that are breathable and durable. Flatlock stitching allows for a tiny amount of water to flow through the seams so that you don't over heat.

Protection with a 1mm & 2mm Full Wetsuits

Warm water wetsuits that are 1mm & 2mm providing extra warmth when you feel a chill or when you know you will be in the water for longer periods of time. These wetsuits provide thermal protection as well as protection from wind, sea lice, jellies, and harmful sun rays. Most wetsuits provide 50+ UV protection.

Warm Water Wetsuits Worn Independently or as a Base Thermal Layer

Thinner full wetsuits can be worn independently in warmer waters (typically 69° Fahrenheit and up) or as a base layer under your thicker wetsuits to provide more thermal protection. Additionally, you can also wear neoprene vests with hoods or long sleeve neoprene shirts layered with your full 1mm & 2mm wetsuits. It is normal to layer and mix and match to fit your needs.

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