Our women's hooded wetsuits are an excellent way stay warmer in 38 degree water tempratures and up. If you are a SCUBA diver, surfer, or particpate in activities that require extra protection from the elements hooded wetsuits can can be excellent options to extend your sessions in the water. Our women's hooded wetsuits come in these 5/4 & 6/5mm thicknesses. Learn more at the bottom of the page.

New Features in Cold Water Hooded Wetsuits for Women

Take a look at the hooded wetsuits we carry on the site and watch the product videos. You will quickly see that the majority of the suits we carry have next generation super stretch neoprenes. We have carefully selected hooded wetsuits that are incorporating high quality neoprenes. The hooded cold water wetsuits on our site are anatomically cut to fit your body naturally and to maximize your mobility.

Seam Construction of Women's Hooded Cold Water Wetsuits

Seams of your wetsuit are some of the places that water can enter the wetsuit. Minimizing the water coming into your wetsuit is critical because your body has to expend energy to warm that water up. If too much water comes in, your body will struggle and over work to warm up the thermal later of water between your wetsuit and your skin. Sealed seams are important when looking to maximize your thermal protection in wetsuit. You will notice that there are additional weld features available in cold water wetsuits. Taped seams, welded seams, double glued and blind stitched seams, these are all designed to keep water out so you stay warmer. Keep and eye out for the amount of stretch offered in your wetsuit and look at the seam type.

Wearing Boots, Gloves, & Thermal Layers with Your Women's Hooded Wetsuit

If you are looking for other ways to stay warm in your women's hooded wetsuit, consider adding thicker neoprene boots and gloves. You can also wear a thermal layer under your wetsuits like a Polyolefin Hotskin, neoprene shirt, or neoprene vest. Neoprene boots and gloves provide extra protection for your extremities by compressing your hands and feet you send the warm blood back to your heart. They also allow for a thin layer of water to warm up between your skin and the neoprene. Layering is a great way to give yourself flexibility on colder days.

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