3mm Women's Thermoprene Pro Back Zip Springsuit Shorty - PLUS SIZES

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5.00 stars, based on 8 review(s)
Price: $209.99
MSRP: Retail: $220.95 5.0% OFF
Neoprene Stretch:
Temperature: 68F & Up
Activities: Surf, Dive, Multi
Seam Type:
Glued & Stitched
Extra: 250% Stretch

3mm Women's Thermoprene Pro Shorty Wetsuit - Plus Sizes Available

The women's Thermoprene Pro wetsuit has 250% stretch with sealed seams that have been double glued and stitched. This makes it one of the most stretchy and durable wetsuits on the market. This suit includes women's plus sizes: 18, 20, 22, 24, and more. The Thermoprene PRO is considered the "Professional" line of Thermoprene. What this means to customers is that you are getting the top of the line neoprene that melts in your hands and contours every curve of your body. The Thermoprene Pro is easier to put on and take off than standard neoprene wetsuits.
The Thermoprene PRO line is used for many activities such as: Diving, Swimming, Surfing, Kayaking and more. This wetsuit differs from many other brands because it can handle the compression that comes from activities like SCUBA diving in deep water. Additionally, this suit can save you energy because it is anatomically cut to fit all shapes and sizes, it works with your shape so you can spend more time and energy doing what you love and not fighting your wetsuit. Thermoprene is second none in construction and thermal protection.
Thermoprene PRO wetsuits feature new patterns which have been developed using fitting data from Henderson's pattern library which contains over five decades of USA grading and patterning knowledge. The Thermoprene Pro also has finishing touches like soft and comfortable aqua silk lining.

Additional Features

10-year Limited Warranty.

Super soft, 250% stretch neoprene provides a melt in your hand feel.

Aqua Silk lining on all interior panels.

Larger neoprene panel and minimized seams keep cold water out and warm water in.

Double glued and double sewn seams (interior & exterior) provide longevity, durability and performance in the most demanding conditions.

Henderson's patterns have evolved over 50 years.

Every Thermoprene Pro wetsuit style is designed, patterned, cut, sewn, fitted and tested in the USA, prior to any production manufacturing.

Velcro-resistant outer fabric. Velcro-dock keeps adjustable collar from attaching to other parts of the wetsuit.

YKK zipper with colored teeth and Stainless zipper slider.

Integrated self sealing spine pad .


Women’s Height Reference: S – 4’11”-5’4″ REG – 5’5″-5’8″ T – 5’9″-6′

4 29"-31" 24"-26" 32"-34"
6 31"-33" 26"-28" 34"-36"
8 33"-35" 28"-30" 36"-38"
10 35"-37" 30"-32" 38"-40"
12 37"-39" 32"-34" 40"-42"
14 39"-41" 34"-36" 42"-44"
16 41"-43" 36"-38" 44"-46"
18 43"-45" 38"-40" 46"-48"
20 45"-47" 40"-42" 48"-50"
22 47"-49" 42"-44" 50"-52"
24 49"-51" 44"-46" 52"-54"
**Not all styles are made in all sizes**
Sizing Experts are Standing By
Call Us @ 866-573-0702

Henderson Warranty & Repair Information

Henderson wetsuits are backed with the most comprehensive consumer warranty in the business.

  • Wetsuit Zipper: 10 years
  • Wetsuit Material & Workmanship: 5 Years
  • Wetsuit Head to Toe: 1 year
  • Henderson will replace or repair, at its discretion, any product proving to be defective.
  • This warranty does not apply to damages caused by misuse, lack of reasonable care, accidents, chlorine, or loss of the product.
  • Henderson has five decades of wetsuit development and research experience, they have earned a reputation of integrity, high quality and industry leadership. Henderson makes all their repairs in the USA.

    Overall Customer Rating of 8 Reviews:

    Great for Open Water Swimming

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    I don't mind getting into colder waters, however, when temps dropped under 60F (15C) I thought it would be good to add some insulation for the sake of a better swim holding the core temperature for longer.

    As much as I hate getting into full suits, getting this shorty on is just amazingly quick and it is very flexible so it does not take any of my joy and freedom during open water swimming.

    Of course if you are not much of a cold lover and want to swim in colder waters, you might still wanna go for a full suit. With this one you will feel the cold water (obviously) but the layer of insulation will make you keep your core temp longer so you can swim for 45 min - 1 hour easy and you won't be shaking when coming out. (individual feel of course)

    I am 5ft 4" with 120lbs and bought a size 6 which fits perfectly. Snug and no chafing.

    Love this Wetsuit!!!!

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I'm loving my new wetsuit! It's the first one I've ever used and the shorty style is easy to get in and out of! I watched a video of how to put on and off suites and I was worried on that front, but because of the shorty style, the arm and leg holes are larger so no stress on that point. Also, I am obese and the size 22 fits perfectly and has stretch so as my weight yo-yos up and down it still fits!

    I bought it to swim in the San Francisco Bay (ave temps 57-61) and it has been perfect for that. Now I'm wondering why I didn't buy a suit years ago. Thank you Pleasure Sports! You've made it a pleasure for me to swim!!

    Women's 3mm Thermoprene Springsuit

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    LOVE this product- Easy on and off. I wore it in a non-heated backyard pool during 75 degree days in an area with breezy coastal air. Along with the NeoSport Sport 2.5mm Cap, I felt temperature-comfortable doing my water exercises.

    Such a relief - fit, warmth, shipping

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I'm a swimmer, not a diver or snorkeler, and this year the only pool still open (suburban DC) is outdoor and unheated...BRRR! So while a shorty is a great idea the options for me - 5'10", ~285# - are super limited and Pleasure Sports was the ONLY place that really acknowledged the existence of larger women (some sites recommended larger men's wetsuits and reviews for fitting hips and boobs were abysmal). THANK YOU!
    I was desperate and impatient so I ordered (a 20) before I got a sizing recommendation (an 18). Received my order really fast (shipping from FL to MD doesn't take long) so I was able to test fit my guess. Ok, probably the 18 would have been better and the tighter fit would have kept the cold water from shooting in my armpits and down the back of my neck when pushing off the pool wall at a turn. However, I'm not sure that I could have tolerated potentially increased tightness around my neck - I think this is both a fit issue and just not being used to the feeling.
    All that said though, I was perfectly warm where the shorty covered me and was able to swim over an hour, at 0500, in a 66°F pool. No other way was that going to happen!

    Wish - exact same wetsuit in tank style (sleeveless) for swimmers who want to feel less arm restriction as there are no tri-suits for those of us who don't look like athletes

    Next purchase - something to keep my long hair that escapes from my swim cap from binding up in the velcro at the neck (ripping it out isn't fun)

    gone swimming

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I purchased one of these in the wrong size and they sent me a prepaid shipping label and the new one showed up 2 days later. The best service ever. I like my suit so much that I purchased the 5mm full suit too for colder locations and that suit also is a dream. I am wearing the cryo boot with my full suit and I am wearing the split toe pro boot by hyperflex with my short suit. I bought the squid lid and some paddle gloves. I am so active again that you.

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