Featuring a wide variety of top rated women's wetsuits from one piece full suits, springsuits, hooded wetsuits, two piece wetsuits, and wetsuit tops and bottoms. We carry women's wetsuits for every sport: Surfing, scuba diving, swimming, kayaking, SUP, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, & more. At Pleasure Sports we do our best to produce wetsuit video reviews of all the products we carry so that you can make informed decisions. Search for wetsuits by sport, thickness, size, and style. Learn more at the bottom of the page. Call us at 866-573-0702 or Chat Live for help with sizing or selection.

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Women's Top Rated Wetsuits: Surfing, Swimming, Wakeboarding & More

If you wear a wetsuit for activities at the surface of the water those wetsuits are considered surface water activities. Surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, wake boarding, SUP (stand up paddle boarding), Skiing, Canyoning, tough mudder sports are all surface water sports. In contrast, SCUBA diving that under water, in depths that can compress the neoprene of your wetsuit, are considered under water sports. Underwater SCUBA diving wetsuits are typically compression resistant, surface water wetsuits are not. Women's full suits for surfing, swimming, snorkeling etc., come in a variety of styles and thicknesses. Select from womens shorty wetsuits for warmer conditions to women's full wetsuits and hooded wetsuits for colder water conditions.

Women's Wetsuits for underwater sports like SCUBA diving

The major difference between surface sports wetsuits and underwater wetsuits is the impact that compression has on the neoprene at depths like 33 feet, 66, feet, 99 feet. We carry top the top rated women's SCUBA diving brands that compression resistant: Henderson Wetsuits, Akona Wetsuits, NeoSport Wetsuits, H2Odyssey Wetsuits, & more. Women's SCUBA diving wetsuits are made with neoprenes that can handle the compression whereas most surface water wetsuits are not made for depths beyond 20 feet. Compression damages the cells of the neoprene and then the suit does not function that way it is suppose to.

Women's Springsuit Wetsuits

Springsuits are wetsuits that are for warmer waters, they typically have shorter legs with short or long sleeve arms. Springsuits are also called shorty wetsuits. These wetsuits typically come in a 2mm & 3mm thickness. They have back zip options as well as chest zip and front zips (vertical zipper). Springsuits are versatile and allow for great mobility in the arm and legs and they can help you not over heat in warmer water conditions.

Women's Wetsuit Accessories: Wetsuit Boots, Hoods, & Gloves

There are a variety of wetsuit accessories to accompany your wetsuit for different environment. Wetsuits keep your body warm in specific water temperatures and what can help you stay warmer longer are accessories like surfing booties and SCUBA diving boots. Protecting your extremities help keep your overall body warmer. We lose heat from our head, feet, and hands. Since your extremities are the furthers from your heart, it can be challenging to keep them warm without protection.

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