Wetsuit Wash Conditioner Antimicrobial - 8oz

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    Body Glove Wetsuit Wash and Conditioner. A MUST HAVE FOR ALL WETSUITS! Take care of your wetsuit so it can take care of you! Stop the smell and keep your wetsuit feel soft! The Body Glove Wetsuit Wash is an excellent choice for all your neoprene products, it contains silicon to condition your wetsuit plus a antimicrobial wash to kill bacteria that can build and cause your wetsuit to smell! Not just for wetsuits, you can use this product your neoprene products. Use on boots to kill foot bacteria build up in your booties, use on hoods and gloves to kill bacteria as well!

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    Use this wetsuit wash to keep your Wetsuit, boots, and gloves smelling fresh and extend their life. There is silicon in the wash! The perfect wetsuit Wash and Conditioner for your wetsuit! Finally a product that cleans, sanitizes, and conditions your wetsuit! This will leave your wetsuit with a pleasant Herbal scent. Say goodbye to that smell in your wetsuit! Let's face it, it happens--bacterial builds in our wetsuits and in our boots, gloves, and hoods and starts to smell. Take care of your neoprene gear and they will last longer, smell great, and stay conditioned! The body Glove Wetsuit Wash is 8oz Use two capfulls of wetsuit wash and conditioner in one gallon of luke warm water for each washing Turn your wetsuit inside out and wash by hand in a tub. Never put your wetsuit in the washing machine or dryer Rinse lightly and a padded surface to dry

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