5/4/3mm Men's Hyperflex AMP Hooded Wetsuit New Aerodome!

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    AMP 5/4/3 Hyperflex AMP Aerodome Hooded Wetsuit
    Hyperflex AMP 5/4/3 SERIES STANDARD FEATURES: The 5/4/3 hooded AMP Aerodome is a perfect combination of high end materials, in it's class it is the most affordable men's hooded wetsuit. The Hyperflex AMP boasts 100% 6-Way stretch neoprene through out the entire wetsuit! Combine this high stretch neoprene with glued, blindstitched, and taped seams and you have a wetsuit that is made to take the test of time. The interior of the chest, back and hood are lined with Hyperflex's poly fleece added more thermal protection for your core. This men's hooded cold water wetsuit is excellent for Surfing, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, and more! Hats off to Hyperflex for doing such a fantastic job! The AMP front zip series returns for the fourth year, totally redesigned from the ground up, with research & development input from cold water charger and former WCT Surfer Dean Randazzo. A new pattern profile, all new AMP stretch superstretch materials and the addition of exterior liquid seam taping and Yamamoto Aerodome panels highlight the new AMP. New for , the AMP core chest and back panels now feature limestone based Yamamoto Aerodome? air insulated neoprene technology. The middle layer of the wetsuit incorporates small perforated chambers which trap air. These chambers work by insulating the body with air pockets, the same way double insulated windows trap a layer of air between the glass. To further insulate core temperature, we have combined Aerodome Technology with our chill breaker mesh skin on the external layer and our Extend Thermal fabric on the internal layer. The 5/4/3mm Hyperflex AMP has 5mm neoprene throughout the core of the wetsuit and the 4mm and 3mm neoprene as you move out toward the appendages (arms and legs). This allows for the greatest mobility in the areas of the wetsuit that require you to have more flexibility. This men's cold water hooded wetsuit is excellent for Surfing, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, and more! Hats off to Hyperflex for doing such a fantastic job on the AMP!

    Additional Features

    100% Hyperflex AMPstretch 6-WAY superstretch neoprene on entire wetsuit 100% sealed glued, blindstitched and fusion heat sealed rubber taped interior seams Hooded AMP Diagonal Front Zip Entryway: Hyperflex's hooded AMP front zip entry has been proven and perfected over the last 4 years in winter conditions. The most refined front entry on the market. Stretch fit and double barrel cinch toggles ensure a correct fit without flushing for all body types. AeroDome Chest and Back CORE Panels: The AMP core chest and back panels now feature limestone based Yamamoto Aerodome air insulated neoprene technology. Available on all AMP fullsuits. Xtend HollowFiber Thermal Lining: Our Xtend Hollowfiber thermal lining on the chest, back and hood panels for crucial core warmth and moisture wicking in very cold conditions. 100% Liquid Taped Sealed Seams: All critical external seams are glued, blind-stitched and liquid taped for warmth, durability and flexibility. All interior stress points are then spot taped for added strength.
    Hyperflex Men's Wetsuit Size Chart

    *Not all suits are made in all sizes. Chest and height are key considerations in size.

    Men's (US) Height Weight Chest Waist
    XS 5'5-5'7 125-135 34-36 29-31
    S 5'7-5'9 135-150 36-38 31-33
    MS 5'5.5-5'7.5 140-160 38-40 33-35
    M 5'9-5'11 150-170 38-40 33-35
    ML 5'9.5-5'11 155-175 39-41 34-36
    5'7.5-5'10.5 160-180 40-42 35-37
    5'10-6'0 170-190 40-42 35-37
    6'2-6'4 180-200 40-42 35-37
    5'8.5-5'10.5 190-210 42-44 37-39
    5'11-6'1 190-210 42-44 37-39
    6'2-6'4 200-220 42-44 37-39
    6'0-6'2 210-230 44-46 39-41
    5'11-6'1 230-250 46-48 41-43
    Neoprene Stretch:
    Temperature: 40°F & Up
    Activities: Surf,Kite,Wind,Multi
    Seam Type:
    Sealed & Welded
    Extra: NEW Aerodome!
    Sizes in Stock:

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